The power of our products

The Laundry Alternative is committed to delivering products that make life (and washing laundry) easier. For over 15 years, our products are famous for their innovative features, high ratings and affordable prices.


Our spin dryers consume 100-200x less energy than conventional dryers. They can wash up to 100x faster than regular washing and drying machines while using less detegerent.

Easy to use

Unlike conventional washers and dryers, they don’t require a lot of work. Forget about hookups or complicated installation procedures - start cleaning your laundry in 2 to 3 minutes.

Compact & Portable

Compact and lightweight, our washers and dryers use significantly less space than conventional machines, making them ideal for small apartments and tight living areas.


All of our compact models are small enough to fit into the trunk of a car. They require no maintenance, and pay for themselves after only 8 weeks. Wash loads in a few minutes while conserving water and energy.

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Our Story

Established in 1998, we are experts in laundry equipment that have a track record of only stocking the best quality laundry products for our customers. We’re so passionate about the uniqueness and benefits of our products, we constantly strive to improve them year on year, for efficiency, quality and product lifespan.

Our portable washing machines and clothes dryer make doing laundry easier, accommodating small loads of delicate items like lingerie, cloth diapers or a few pairs of jeans. Our passionate team of specialists promotes the newest and greenest forms of laundry technology, because we truly care about the environment.

Our products undergo several years of continual innovation through R&D and user feedback and are known to be much more affordable than other manufacturers, because we believe that it shouldn’t cost more to go green.

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