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About Us

Delivering a cleaner, greener, more portable world

The laundry market has been stuck in a time warp for the last 50 years or so. And while there are many washers and dryers available in the market, the fact is most machines are still big, unwieldy and energy inefficient.
But the good news is, not all laundry machines are created equal! Founded 15 years ago The Laundry Alternative is a boutique retail business that specializes in the supply of portable and energy efficient laundry equipment and eco-friendly laundry machines.

Intelligently designed for environmentally and space conscious people, our innovative products undergo continual research and development, and have received outstanding independent reviews from industry leading magazines, newspapers and websites.

The clever way to save on money, space and the cost of your energy bills
  • The Laundry Alternative team loves what they do and they remain committed to providing customers with affordable, compact and eco-friendly washing machines and dryers, which are ideal for small apartments, RVs and anywhere else they might need a portable laundry solution.
A philosophy built around passion, customer care and a love for the environment
  • We’re passionate about all things laundry related, and we’ve made it our mission to offer every one of our customers an exceptional level of care before, during and after they have purchased one of our products.
  • What’s more, unlike some of our competitors, we truly care about the environment, not just because it’s the cool thing to do, but also because we really believe that being responsible in the way we work will have a massive impact on the planet for years to come.
  • It’s for this reason that we don’t just supply products, but are intimately involved in the design and manufacturing of our laundry equipment. This allows us to offer unique solutions and eco-friendly washing machines that can’t be found anywhere else, rather than just selling the same old laundry appliances everyone else has. 

But that’s not all. Here are some more reasons why our customers believe in us:

We’re experts at what we do
  • We specialize in laundry and laundry products only. And as we have been in this laundry for 15 years, we know everything there is to know about laundry products.
We make our products affordable
  • We don’t believe you should have to pay more to buy eco-friendly washing machines and products, which is why our range is priced much lower than many conventional machines. At the same time, unlike many sellers these days, we build our products to last. There are many “disposable” compact washers on the market today that are cheap, but come with either no warranty, or 6 months at most…because that’s about how long they are built to last!
We give you peace of mind
  • We have great confidence in all our products, so we offer a 2-year warranty on every purchase.
We’re convenient
  • No more weekends spent driving to different stores, just jump online, order your product and we will ship your order by the next business day.

Want a cleaner, greener, more economical alternative to your laundry equipment?

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