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About Us

Discover An Alternative To Conventional Washers And Dryers

Welcome to The Laundry Alternative, where you can find a mini washer and dryer that will help you save money, time, space, water and energy — just by doing your laundry!

At The Laundry Alternative, we're not just following an environmentally friendly trend. We truly believe in helping the environment, which we hope you can see through the energy-efficient and water-saving products we offer.

We also believe in offering quality products that our customers will find useful and that we can stand behind.

Our Appliances Offer Important Benefits That Fit Your Lifestyle

The small washer and dryer you choose from our site will:

Save You Space: Our washers and dryers are small — most of them can fit on your countertop — so they're perfect for an apartment or small house. You can even bring your portable washer and dryer to your boat, your college dorm or your RV.

Save You Money: The cost of buying these appliances is much less than you would spend on a conventional washer or dryer. Plus, you'll consistently save on water and energy costs. These appliances pay for themselves in eight weeks from the money you save with each use.

Save You Time: Our mini washers and dryers give you clean clothing much faster than regular models. They work up to 100 times quicker than regular machines.

Save the Environment: You will use far less water and energy with our models than with regular washing machines and dryers.

Come to Us for Quality and Innovation

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