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Washing Products

At Laundry Alternative, we pride ourselves in providing energy efficient solutions for washers and dryers. While conventional washers require constant maintenance to run properly, the cleverly simple design of our portable washers allow you to use the device with far less upkeep. The science is in the high pressure chamber that allows clothing to be washed in 2-3 minutes, cutting down a great amount of time that other washing machines would be using up energy.

Our WonderWash and Eco-Egg Mini washing machines are perfectly designed to clean small loads. Frequent loads like diapers can be a hassle to wash, no matter where you live. If you own a conventional washer, cleaning a small load is a huge waste of energy. Likewise, dragging your cloth diaper and newborn clothing loads to the laundry mat in an apartment is a stressful experience when you are trying to work around a baby’s schedule.

Using a portable washer from Laundry Alternative is a convenient way to wash your delicate and frequent loads. In fact, our washers are far gentler than spin washers, using high pressure technology to quickly and effectively push the detergent through your laundry loads. View the rest of our website for more information and great savings on a portable clothes dryeras well.