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Washing Baby Clothes

Tips for Washing Baby Clothes

Separate Baby Clothes from Diapers 

We recommend that you wash baby clothes separately from diapers. With our mini washing machines, it’s easy to keep them separate!

Should You Wash Baby Clothes with the rest of the laundry?

Some say that it is ok to wash them together, that regular detergents should not bother the baby’s skin. We would prefer to be more cautious and recommend using a special type of laundry soap called Charlie’s Soap, which is fully natural, biodegradable and does not leave any residue which can reduce the fire-retardant qualities of your baby’s clothes. It also has outperformed the leading brands in University studies. To avoid mixing loads altogether, you can purchase a mini washing machine for baby clothes.

It is not a good idea to use fabric softener in the washer or dryer when washing baby clothes. It tends to be highly perfumed and can cause a rash on the baby. In addition, it can reduce the fire-retardant qualities of your child’s clothes.

Dingy Diapers

Presoak in an oxygen bleach. If stain remains, rub on detergent and rinse. Wash.

Keep a pail for diapers by the dressing table where you can soak until you rinse them.

We also offer a mini washing machine called the Wonderwash, which is an ideal washing machine for baby clothes and cloth diapers. It is only $42.95 and washes clothes in only 1-2 minutes using 90% less detergent and water. Much more information can be found at