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Stain Removal B

Baby Clothes You may wish to spray nice outfits with a soil retardant, such as Scotch-gard. This will allow you to wipe off stains before they sink in. Make sure not to wash flame-resistant sleepwear in any soap products. Presoak serious potty stains, using Oxy-Boost or an enzyme detergent. Breast milk stains should be treated in the same manner as potty stains. A paste of unflavored meat tenderizer and cool water can also remove some milk and baby formula stains.

Bacteria/Enzyme Digesters Digesters are the most effective method for removing urine, vomit, fecal matter and other organic stains, and the odors associated with them. These digesters contain bacteria which become activated when mixed with warm water, and produce enzymes which eat the organic matter and completely remove it (as opposed to products which just mask the odors).  In our opinion, Odorkill is the best digester on the market.

Bleach Not all bleaches are the same. Chlorine bleach does a good job whitening and removing stains from whites and colorfast garments. However, we not not recommend using chlorine bleach, as it has many health and environmental effects (for more information on the dangers of chlorine, click here). Chlorine should never be used on silk, wool, spandex, or on permanent press or flame-retardant fabrics treated with resins. It can weaken fabrics, and cause permanent color loss. For those interested in protecting the environment, we recommend oxygen bleaches such as Oxyboost.

Borax Borax is an ingredient in many diaper presoaks products, used to help neutralize the ammonia odor of urine. A mild, natural alkaline salt, borax is used as a preservative and mild deodorizer in laundry products. It can also be added separately.