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Septic System Maintenance

Keeping up with your septic tank maintenance can be a huge hassle if you lack the proper tools and preventative care. Upkeep costs for septic tanks are the main reason for spending money on these systems. This is due to the fact that they can get easily clogged with lint and other by products that pass through unfiltered. When choosing the filter to maintain your septic tank care, the quality makes a huge difference. Cheap filters like nylon socks barely sort out what shouldn’t be there, holding back only 5% of lint from the tank.

Choosing a Filtrol 160 filtering system will help you prevent 95% of lint that would otherwise pass through your system into your septic tank. A clogged tank that has to work harder will break down faster and eventually need to be replaced. The amount of lint that passes through a non-filtered system can cover your living room floor. Switching to an effective filter will help minimize your septic system cost on maintenance.

Anaerobic septic tanks and aerobic septic tanks are the two choices you have for your septic tank system. Anaerobic systems are the most commonly used methods of treating septic waste allowing bacteria to break down the fluid. However this is extremely inefficient as it leaves a layer over the leech field. An aerobic system will allow the leech field to virtually last forever, and reduce the amount of toxic fumes released into the air. A tank using an aerobic system is 98% clean according to research studies, compared to an anaerobic system that only keeps the tank 40-60% clean. For a healthier environment and efficient septic system maintenance, aerobic is the better choice.