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Vapper Dryer – Pants


With its simple, intelligent design, the ultra efficient Vapper is considered by many as the fastest dryer in the world.

The good bits
  • Gentler on clothes than conventional dryers
  • New high-tech, patented product
  • Dries pants in under 10 minutes
  • Super light and compact
  • Safely dries cashmere, wool and other delicates
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A revelation in clothes drying the Vapper Dryer, intelligently uses pressure and to dry your pants from the inside out — in less than 10 minutes.
Beautifully simple design

Using heat sources provided by a regular hair dryer, hair dryer and leveraging same principles as a pressure cooker, the Vapper Dryer uses high air pressure to dry clothes in super fast time, while ironing out any wrinkles along the way.

The ultimate space saver

The ultimate drying solution for travel, apartments, boating, camping, RV’s or if you just need something dried quickly, the Vapper Dryer is super light and compact. But best of all, this compact portable dryer only weighs a little over 1lb and folds to the size of a newspaper.

Dry clothes in 10 minutes flat with this compact portable dryer

Capable of drying several garments at the same time, the Vapper Dryer uses an inflatable insert, which fills up with hot air, and an outer plastic cover which holds onto the heat. The dampness is then forced through every pore and fibre by the pressure, resulting in dry clothes in next to no time. Check out the Vapper Clothes Dryer as well!

So how big is it?

Super lightweight, this compact portable dryer weighs a little over 1 lb. and folds to the size of a newspaper