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SuperPop Portable Washing Machine


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The SuperPop Washing Machine washes up to 6.6 lbs. of clothes. The bottom part can be removed and stored inside the wash tub, giving it a more compact size for storage and transportation. This also provides for a lower carbon footprint. This portable laundry machine has a dispenser for washing powder, lint filter and manual timer with 4 programs which indicate the suitable articles and the washing time. Its exclusive scrubber/washboard inside the tub helps to clean the dirtiest clothes, such as children’s socks. The SuperPop Washing Machine has a sieve for small objects prevents coins and buttons flowing out together with the water. Now with a new drain pump, this portable laundry machine can pump water up into a kitchen sink. Despite the low price, the SuperPop is a very durable, long-lasting washing machine backed with a  3 year warranty. 

***Please note that because the original packaging was not sufficient, we opened the boxes to add more. These are all brand new units***

Uses 389 watts
20″ x 21″ x 35″
Lightweight only 20 lbs.