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Solaris Plus


Ideal for small space living, or when you’re on the go, this compact, wall mountable and surprisingly powerful clothes dryer is a great option for smaller loads.

The good bits
  • Clever folding design
  • Lower temperature and no tumbling
  • Gentler on clothes than conventional dryers
  • Dries up to 7 large items per load
  • Less than half the cost of a conventional tumble dryer

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Not as hot as larger dryers, and with no tumbling, The Solaris Plus works by cleverly blowing air inside the hanging chamber, making it gentler on fabrics – while using very little energy in the process.
Versatile enough to dry every kind of laundry item

Equipped with two different types of hangers, the Solaris Plus dryer can be used to hang a range of clothes including shirts, sweaters, trousers and towels. While the effective airflow allows for quick and efficient drying.

Just plug and go

The Solaris Plus clothes dryer can be plugged in to any standard wall outlet, and it’s super easy to adjust the timing setting to suit your specific laundry and load size. Must be wall mounted!

Small enough to fit, big enough to get the job done

One of the great things about the Solaris Plus dryer is its size, which means you can put it pretty much anywhere, and not even know it’s there. If you live in an apartment or want to use it in a camper van, or an RV, all you have to do is quickly install it on any wall (using the brackets supplied) and it’s job done.

And friendly on the environment too

With no more trips to the launderette, you will save on fuel, and be polluting less. And because it requires less electricity than conventional dryers, you’ll be saving energy every time you use it.

So how big is the Solaris Plus?

Weight: 15 lbs.