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Mini Washers

A mini washer from Laundry Alternative is a fantastic substitute for small, frequent loads like socks, delicates and diapers. New parents appreciate the quick washing time totaling 1-3 minutes depending on the washer they buy. Our WonderWash and Eco-Egg Mini washing machine products take up such little space, you can even store them on your countertop.

Maintenance for mini-washers is virtually nonexistent. While conventional machines are subject to frequent break downs, our machines are backed with a two year warranty. The secret is their relatively simple technological design and our fanatical attention to detail. We constantly redesign our products to reduce quality issues and increase the product lifespan…rather than leaving the machines unchanged and just focusing on marketing.

Our truly eco-friendly philosophy at Laundry Alternative is more than a quick marketing scheme or fad. We make our mini washer and dryerproducts more affordable than traditional machines, because we believe in the power of green living. When we make our products affordable, we believe that people will be more encouraged to take care of the environment.