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Laundry Room Etiquette or Why Should Get Your Own Portable Washer & Dryer

Reading through the posts on laundry room etiquette at…

it really hit home in 2 ways:

  1. Doing laundry in many shared laundry facilities is a hassle and wastes a great deal of time;
  2. As a company specializing in portable washing machines and dryers, we are definitely in the right business!

Some of the main issues with laundry room etiquette include:

  1. Many people leave their clothes in the washers and dryers after their loads are done, inconveniencing others waiting to use the machines;
  2. People are not in general agreement on whether or not to remove someone’s clothes if they are left in the machine, and if so, where to put them;
  3. Some people might put your clothes in the dryer and turn it on, but while this sounds nice, there is a risk of some items getting damaged by the dryer;
  4. You can get wrinkles if you don’t remove clothes from the dryer in a timely manner;
  5. There are privacy and “yuck” factors associated with handling other people’s laundry;
  6. Most laundromats and laundry rooms no longer carry spin dryers, which can dramatically reduce drying time;
  7. In many apartment complexes, the ratio of washers and dryers to residents is very low, i.e. 60:1 or 2 causing availability issues.

Need any more reasons to buy an apartment washer and dryer for under $200?