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Laundry Room Accessory

Looking for a laundry room accessory? We have dozens of unique, hard to find laundry room accessories. Some of our most popular ones are:

The Filtrol 160, the only product in the world which effectively catches washing machine lint at the source, preventing one of the leading causes of septic system failure. Few people outside of the septic system business are aware of this, but washing machine lint is one of the leading causes of septic system failure and can also clog household plumbing. The lightweight lint particles get flushed out to the drainfield and plug it up. The typical family washing machine produces enough lint each year to carpet a living room floor! Lint screens and nylon socks are ineffective as they trap five percent or less of the lint. Septic system failure is very common in this country and repairs are extremely expensive, often running from $5,000 to $20.000 or more. More information is available at

Our spin dryers, which can cut drying time in half or more, reduce wear and tear on clothes and extract more detergent and hard water components than a conventional dryer. Two minutes in the spin dryer can save cut your drying time by 30 minutes. More information is available at