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Laundry Detergent Tablet

What is a laundry detergent tablet?

Laundry detergent tablets contain laundry detergent and are designed in a convenient to use form. Instead of having to lug around a bottle or box of detergent, you can just take a small, lightweight tab or two.

Most industry experts agree that laundry detergent tablets have not fared very well in the US market yet.

Laundry detergent tablet marketers emphasize that the convenience factor, especially for students, the elderly and consumers who utilize laundromats, far outweighs the drawbacks.

If you are interested in buying laundry detergent tablets, one consideration is how long they take to dissolve (some can take up to 2 minutes).

Some of the laundry detergent tablet brands include:

  1. SA8
  2. Purex Tabs
  3. Tide Rapid Action Tabs


According to Purex, Purex tabs cost about $0.13 per load, whereas other brands range from $0.15-0.28.