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Jumping Spin Dryer

As a company which has specialized in spin dryers for many years, we found this video not only hilarious but also true. One of the basic rules of spin dryer quality is, all spin dryers are the same, until you run a load with clothes in it. We’ve seen some otherwise interesting spin dryers that jump like this and have even ripped out the electrical plug from the outlet! Some even fall on their sides!

The main takeaway is that spin dryers require precise manufacturing. With some products, even if they are cheaply made they can sometimes work for a couple years or more before failing. However due to the high RPM’s, if spin dryers are not precision made they will fail right out of the box, or in a very short time afterwards. Likewise when purchasing a spin dryer, it’s best to get one from a company with experience as not all spin dryers are created equal.