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County Considers Mandatory Septic Tank Inspections

Supervisors are trying to bring every rural system in the county up to federal standards

People buying or selling homes in Jefferson County may soon be required to get the homes’ septic systems inspected as part of the sales process.

In an effort to eventually bring all the septic systems in Jefferson County up to federal standards, county supervisors are considering requiring an inspection every time property changes hands.

Exemptions would be made for transfers between spouses, in divorce cases for example, and for inheritances after someone dies and leaves a house to their relatives. “I don’t think we should put the burden on the family at that particular time,” said supervisor Dick Reed.

About 80 home sales are conducted each year in rural Jefferson County, according to the county assessor’s office.

Supervisors said requiring inspections at the time of sale would be more feasible than inspecting every rural septic system at once. “This is a good method versus trying to get every single septic system in the county inspected at one time,” said Reed.

For the complete story, read the Dec. 18 Fairfield Ledger.

(This story appeared in the Fairfield Ledger).