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Alternative Septic System

The aerobic septic system is one kind of alternative septic system. Because they are more expensive to install, they are normally used in situations where conventional septic systems won’t work.

Homeowners know that septic system costs can be very expensive if the system fails. Regular maintenance is actually pretty cheap, you need to pump the tank out every couple of years or so, depending on the number of people in your household. It’s also very important to not put items that can clog the system (such as sanitary napkins, condoms, etc) down the toilet. Most people are aware of this, but are not aware that washing machine lint is a much larger problem. The average family washing machine produces enough lint per year to carpet a living room floor! Because lint particles are so light, rather than settling in the tank (which would not be a problem) they often float in suspension and clog up the drain field. Using a Filtrol 160 filtration system reduces 95% of the lint from your washing machine, which is enough to protect residential septic systems.