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We specialize in providing extremely energy efficient washers and clothes dryers. Conventional washers require a hookup and installation- not available in many cases- and take up a lot of space and weigh 50 lbs or more. Our Wonderwash non-electric mini washer on the other hand weighs under 6 lbs, takes up very little space and uses 90% less water.

Our WonderWash and Eco-Egg Mini washing machines are perfectly designed to clean small loads. Frequent loads like diapers can be a hassle to wash. If you own a conventional washer, cleaning a small load is a huge waste of energy. Likewise, dragging your cloth diapers and newborn clothing loads to the laundromat in an apartment is a stressful experience when you are trying to work around a baby’s schedule.

You can use a portable washer to wash your delicate and frequent loads from the comfort of your home. Our Wonderwash is far gentler than conventional washers, as it has no agitator. We also carry mini electric countertop washers for those who aren't able to or prefer not to use a hand-crank unit. View the rest of our website for more information and great savings on a portable clothes dryer as well. 


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