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Septic System Odor

Septic system odor is a big problem for some homes. Vents on the roof allow the pressure to equalize as waste water flows down through the drain pipes, without a vent system your sinks/tubs/toilets would gurgle, glug, and drain slow.  Often these problems are caused by wind currents.  As the wind blows over the house, the air currents that are supposed to carry the gasses up and away can carry the sewer gasses down into the living areas. 

The SWEETAIR filtration device is an activated carbon filter that can prevent this problem by removing the offensive odors as they come out of the vent.  They cost about $50 and most homeowners can easily attach the filter themselves in minutes.  They can last 20+ years and as an added bonus, they prevent birds, squirrels and leaves from clogging your vent stack. Call Sweet Septic at 1-800-622-8768 or visit their webpage at

You also can't sell your home if it has a failing system. For more information on how to properly maintain your septic system, go to: http://www.laundry-alternative.com/septic_system_maintenance.htm

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