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  • Motor locking brace helps prevent shipping damage. Please be sure to remove before using, because the product will not work correctly if left on.

Spin Dryer

26.00 LBS
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Product Description

The Laundry Alternative's 13.8 lb capacity spin dryer is a quality product with a long-lasting motor and a solid stainless steel inner tub. It is backed with a two year warranty.

This product is perfect for small spaces like apartment flats, only weighing 22 pounds with a load capacity of 13.8 pounds. While conventional dryers require a special hook-up, our portable dryer can be used wherever a conventional household outlet is handy. While this fast performance runs at an 3,200 RPM speed, it is so quiet you can use it anywhere in your home.

Our electric clothes dryers are so efficient; it can get your clothes nearly dry in only 2-3 minutes. It is so gentle, that you can use it on delicates, and because it uses no heat or tumbling, your clothes will last longer. The proof is simple, unlike conventional dryers, no lint is produced. While most conventional dryers are so poorly energy efficient, they can’t be awarded an energy star, our product conserves up to 100 times more energy.

These portable clothes dryers are a great alternative to conventional dryers for small and large loads alike. They are often used as stand-alone machines in apartments, on boats, etc. but many people also use them with a conventional dryer to save energy and extend the life of their clothes.

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Warranty Information

3200 rpm spin dryer gets clothes nearly dry in only 2-3 minutes. removes much more water and detergent from the clothes than a conventional washing machine spin cycle. much gentler on clothes compared to a tumble dryer and nearly 100 times as energy efficient. highly portable, only 22 lbs. and no hookup required. ~!~Works in only 2-3 minutes.~!~13.8 lb capacity for wet laundry.~!~No special dryer hookup required, can use in many places conventional dryers can't be used.~!~If used with a conventional dryer, cuts drying time by 30 minutes or more.~!~Connects to any 110V outlet.~!~100 times as energy efficient as a conventional dryer.~!~3200 RPM spin speed.~!~Much gentler on the clothes than a regular dryer, so your clothes will last longer (no lint).~!~Lightweight, weighs only 22 lbs.

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