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We all need to wash our clothes and, until now, the options have been either a weekly trip to the laundromat or a costly investment in a large, energy- and water-hungry washing machine. Luckily, there’s now a better alternative for those who don’t have access to conventional washer hookups or with no need for a large washer.

At The Laundry Alternative, our mini washers allow you to clean your clothes without using as much energy, water, or space as you would with a conventional washer.

Each washer we stock
  • Is small and light enough to move around, and can even be used on a countertop.
  • Requires no elaborate installation or hookup.
  • Will cost you up to 90% less than a conventional washer.
  • Uses much less electricity and water (and in the case of the WonderWash model, no electricity and 90% less water).
  • Is kinder on clothing and helps extend its life.
  • Is ideal for delicate items you would normally hand wash and those you wash regularly, such as cloth diapers
Why The Laundry Alternative?

Washing your clothes in a conventional washer is not good for the environment. It uses a lot of electricity and water, while the washing powders pollute waterways and harm fragile ecosystems. At The Laundry Alternative we decided there was a better way to do laundry, and so 15 years ago we set up our business to offer consumers a difference.

We now stock a range of innovative, cost-saving and environmentally-friendly laundry appliances, which are ideal for small apartments, boats and campers where large appliances are neither necessary nor desirable.

Our compact washers and dryers cost less to buy, use less electricity and less water, and are kinder to the environment in every way. All are hand-selected for their quality, safety and eco-friendly features, and we know they’re what people want because we now sell to customers all over the world.

Our products have been featured in the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and many other media outlets.

Save money and resources every time you wash

If you don’t have room for a large washer, or you like the idea of saving money and reducing your carbon footprint, take a look at our compact washer range. There’s a model to suit everyone’s situation, and you could even use one alongside your existing washer when you don’t have enough for a full load.

We provide fast shipping, a 30-day returns policy and a 2-year warranty on everything we sell, so why not try the alternative for yourself. Have a browse and see what’s on offer at The Laundry Alternative, the affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly way to wash.