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Portable Washers

Discover An Innovative Way To Wash Your Clothes


At The Laundry Alternative, we come up with alternative ways to wash and dry your clothes. With our mini washer options, you will be able to clean your clothes without using as much energy, water or space as you would with a conventional washing machine.


Why Choose a Mini Washing Machine?


mini washer can offer you numerous features that beat a traditional washing machine. Let's look at the benefits of choosing the mini version.


Size and Convenience


Conventional: Regular washing machines require plenty of space and can weigh more than 200 lbs. In addition, you need a qualified professional to hook them up.


Alternative: Each portable washing machine we offer is small and light enough to move around and use on a countertop. They do not require an elaborate hookup, and the WonderWash model doesn't even need electricity.


Initial Investment


Conventional: A regular washing machine will cost you hundreds of dollars, with higher prices for special features.


Alternative: If you choose one of our alternative washers instead, you will pay closer to $100 or less, depending on the model.


Energy and Water Usage


Conventional: These washing machines use a significant amount of electricity and water to run.


Alternative: Our alternative washers use far less of both. Our WonderWash model uses no electricity and 90 percent less water than a conventional washer. Even if you only use these mini washers to replace conventional washer loads once in a while, you will still save a lot of energy and water.


Effect on Clothing


Conventional: Regular washers with agitators can be rough on clothing.


Alternative: Our WonderWash model does not have an agitator, so it will extend the life of your clothing.


Uses for a Portable Washer


These washers provide an alternative to using a conventional washing machine. They can prevent the need to go to a coin laundry if you live in a college dorm, apartment, RV or boat. And they're a smart choice if you want to reduce your costs and energy usage, as well as save space.


A small washer can also complement a regular washing machine when you use it for frequent and small loads. Wash a small load in one of these washers when you don't have enough for a whole load in your conventional washer. These are also great for delicate items that you would normally hand wash. They come in handy for frequent washing, especially for washing cloth diapers and other baby items on a regular basis.


Pick Your Perfect Washing Machine


We offer different mini washing machine models for you to choose from based on your needs. We have a hand-crank option that is gentle on clothes and requires no electricity. The rest are easy to use with electricity. We have smaller models perfect for light loads and larger models so you can wash your jeans and sweaters. We also offer portable clothes dryers to go with your washer.


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