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We Are Laundry Experts

The Ugly Truth:

Online companies selling many dozen or hundreds of products simply can't invest the time needed to ensure quality laundry products - especially when they are not buying their products from famous brand names, but rather from anonymous factories. Common sense would indicate the factories making these products would know their own products, but it's often not true. Many of these factories know little about laundry themselves, and produce all sorts of different products. They will often copy products without a thorough understanding of how the product works, in order to save on R&D costs. Their concept of quality can be completely foreign as well (we've met some who think a 6 month warranty/lifespan is good!).

Why We are Different:

We have been in the laundry business for 15 years. As with other industries, there is a significant learning curve. We have learned a great deal over this time, in no small part due to some of the mistakes we've made. Less is more. We could undoubtedly grow the business faster by selling many different types of products. However our goal is to offer high-quality products. We do this in part by only specializing in a few key small and portable washing and drying machines, and we are very selective about adding new products.

We spend a great deal of time improving our current products and developing new inventions. This takes a lot of time and effort, it can sometimes take months and even years, and quite a bit of money to find a solution to a difficult problem, but we are willing to go the extra mile. More than words can express, we feel this extra effort and drive to offer the best in portable washing and drying machines is the best way we can truly thank our customers.

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