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Welcome To An Alternative To Conventional Clothes Drying


If you think your only options for drying clothes are conventional clothes dryers and clotheslines, we would like to introduce you to our innovative products at The Laundry Alternative. We change the drying process with small dryer and portable dryer options that use less energy, cost less and take up less space than their conventional counterparts. Our drying methods are both kind to the environment and to your wallet.

Benefits of a Mini Clothes Dryer

Let's look at some of the differences between conventional clothing dryers and our alternative dryers.



Conventional: Regular dryers are large, taking up a significant amount of space. This can be especially problematic when you live in a small house or apartment, where closets and extra space is limited.

Alternative: Our options take up a minimal amount of space. You could store one in a small corner of a closet or cupboard and take it out when you need it. We even offer one for countertop use.




Conventional: These are expensive to buy and expensive to run. You'll have a large investment when you first buy one, and then it won't be very energy efficient — even the Energy Star-certified models only save 20 percent of the energy used by conventional models.


Alternative: When you choose our alternative dryers instead, you will find that they can provide you with as much as 200 times the energy efficiency as conventional dryers. They are also affordable to purchase right up front.


Noise and Heat


Conventional: Many of these machines are loud and they heat up your home, increasing the cost of cooling during warm months.


Alternative: Our spin dryers simply spin the clothing dry, so they won't heat up the area around them. You will also find them unexpectedly quiet — especially our countertop model.


Effect on Clothing


Conventional: The heat and tumbling process can be damaging to certain types of clothing.


Alternative: The spinning action of our dryers provides a gentle drying method to help your clothing look like new longer.


Sure, maybe new conventional dryers have fancy features. But we prefer to simplify the process with a practical product that dries your clothing with less energy while taking up less space.


Find the Right Dryer for Your Needs


Do the features of our alternative dryers sound like they'll fit your life? We have a variety of options that will come in handy in a small house, apartment, boat or RV. Some people even use these dryers as a quick-drying or energy-efficient option to complement a conventional dryer.

Take a look through our selection of alternative dryers to find the features that best fit your needs. We have portable clothes dryer models that you can move from place to place. In addition to our spin dryer options, we offer a model that dries clothing on hangers and super-fast options that dry one piece of clothing in minutes.


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