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We believe that conventional clothes dryer technology is stuck in the past. Traditional clothes dryers may have added some bells and whistles, but they are essentially the same machines used since the 1950s. No clothes dryers have the Energy Star rating, which means they are inefficient and cost more to run. Our electric clothes dryers use a different principle of operation.

Our compact clothes dryers are incredibly affordable and can be up to 200 times more energy efficient. The rapid spin speed is far gentler on delicate items than heat and tumbling.

We provide the only counter top mini spin dryer on the market. It spin dries the clothes in only 2-3 minutes. It’s powerful 1600rpm speed runs surprisingly quietly, allowing you to use it anywhere you can find a simple household power outlet.

Small spaces that can’t accommodate large machines like apartments will greatly benefit from a portable electric clothes dryer.

Customers who previously had to haul loads more than once a week to an expensive laundromat now have the convenience of being able to dry their small loads at home. View our selection on compact clothes dryers for more information.

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