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Small Washing Machine


The Laundry Alternative offers compact washing machines for all your small load needs. Don’t waste your time hand washing your delicates any longer! You could be wasting time and money by using a conventional washer for anything from socks to diapers. A quick load will no longer require a trek to the laundry mat or the use of gallons of water in your conventional washing machine.

Our small washing machine selection is highly energy efficient. One simple reason is that all models without an inner tub can wash significantly more items, as there is no wasted space. You will find that purchasing a portable washing machine will pay for itself by its low maintenance design.

Our compact washing machine selection is truly green at Laundry Alternative, offering you a cost effective way to do your laundry with minimal impact on the environment. These great machines are so tiny; they even fit on your count top. Small spaces like apartments and RVs can truly appreciate this amazing technology. View our washer and dryer options for great ways to save on your energy costs.

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