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Septic Tank Care


A septic system filter from Laundry Alternative is specially designed to reduce the amount of lint build up in your tank. Other conventional washers use methods of reducing lint that only amounts to a 5% removal rate. Using our protection products you’re your septic system like our Filtrol 160 septic protector allows you to wash your clothes without worry about frequent maintenance on your septic tank.

The length of the hose on the Filtrol system is conveniently measured to six feet long for maximum access. The device is compact, only about a cubic foot in size. The filter is cleverly designed with internal bypass holes allowing water to bypass the filter if it gets clogged. This prevents water from spilling all over the floor in the case of any malfunction.

Your septic tank needs protection from non-biodegradable materials like polyester and nylon from your clothes. Catching these materials in the filter before they enter your septic system helps maintain a healthy environment for all.

Installation of the filter is easy so taking care of your septic tank is hassle free. Without a good means to protect your tank from lint buildup, it may be come easily clogged and will require costly maintenance from you. Septic tank care is easy with preventable methods from Laundry Alternative.

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