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Portable Washers


Portable washers from The Laundry Alternative are a great way to save money. Our products are more efficient than a conventional machines and use far less water. Our portable washers are designed for small loads of socks, shirts, diapers, and even pants. With our ingeniously designedportable washing machines, using an unnecessary amount of energy with a conventional washer is a thing of the past.

Our hand powered WonderWash is an easy, energy-free way to wash your clothing in 1-2 minutes. Backed by a 2 year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, you know that you’re getting a durable product. You simply work the portable washer by using warm or hot water that expands inside and creates an enormous amount of pressure. This pressure forces the detergent through your clothes 100 times faster than you would by hand or traditional machine.

The electric Eco-Egg portable washing machine has a small agitator, which makes it more gentle on the clothes. Use its stylish control panel to activate a automatic rise cycle. Its compact design of only 14 pounds allows you to use it on your countertop, the only one of its kind. Inlet hooks cleverly allow you to use your kitchen faucet, instead of manually pouring water into your washer.

At Laundry Alternative, you know you’re getting your money’s worth on a portable washing machine, and other eco-friendly products offered in our store.

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