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Alternative Septic System


The aerobic septic system is an alternative that most people are completely pleased with. The problem with most forms of residential septic treatment is that it is very slow and inefficient, leaving foul odors in the leach field. This becomes clogged overtime and requires costly repair. These anaerobic systems are cheaper, resulting in its widespread use despite the lack of efficiency. An aerobic alternative septic system, on the other hand, have been used in every major municipal sewage treatment system because its faster, cleaner and more efficient. Right out of the tank septic effluent is 98% clean, compared to the 40-60% rate of cleanliness for an anaerobic system. The leech field theoretically will last forever and the gas it gives off is safe and free of odors.

Homeowners know that septic system cost is mostly due to the need for maintenance. Washing machines often build up a ton of lint in the septic tank, clogging the flow and causing the system to have to work harder in order to function. Systems with bad filtration tend to have a significantly reduced life span, requiring frequent repairs and eventual replacement. Septic tank cleaning can be a costly job, requiring a professional to get the project done correctly. As a septic system is not an optional choice, keeping up with filter changes remains an important priority. Using a Filtrol 160 filtration system reduces 95% of lint buildup in your septic tank, giving your system the chance to work in a clean environment.

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