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Aerobic Septic System


Depending on your situation, there are a number of alternative septic system designs available. Aerobic systems are more effective at treating septic waste when compared to anaerobic systems. Anaerobic systems are heavily used in residential areas because they are less expensive. However, using an aerobic system will save you money in maintenance costs over time. Buildup in the drainfield over time will cause systems to be clogged and maintenance will be required. Treated water from an aerobic septic system is 98% clean when leaving the tank as opposed to a 40-60% cleanliness rate when leaving an anaerobic system. Because aerobic septic systems are more efficient, they allow for both a smaller drain field, and more options for the drain field location.

Regular washing machine lint filters catch a mere 5% of the lint, at most. In other words they are almost completely ineffective. As a result, a normal washing machine for a family of 4 produces enough lint each year to carpet your living room floor. As much of this lint is lightweight, some of it won't settle in the tank and will float out to the drain field, clogging it up. Lint can also clog up and damage the pumps in an aerobic septic system, along with potentially destroying the drain field. Drain field replacement is extremely expensive and can cause a huge financial burden on families. Drain field replacement can run from $5,000 to $20,000 or more, which ends up costing much more than it would to simply install a good filter system. So now it makes sense to filter the lint with a Filtrol 160 which filters over 99% of all the lint particles.

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