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Compact Washing Machines

Our compact washing machines at Laundry Alternative are incredibly easy to use. Have you ever found yourself at an apartment complex hauling your load of delicates to an expensive laundry mat? Have you ever asked yourself why you should pay the full price for such a small load? Do you ever wonder how much energy [...]

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Alternative Septic System

The aerobic septic system is one kind of alternative septic system. Because they are more expensive to install, they are normally used in situations where conventional septic systems won't work. Homeowners know that septic system costs can be very expensive if the system fails. Regular maintenance is actually pretty cheap, you need to pump the tank [...]

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Aerobic Septic System

Depending on your situation, there are a number of alternative septic system designs available. Aerobic systems are more effective at treating septic waste when compared to anaerobic systems. Anaerobic systems are heavily used in residential areas because they are less expensive. However, using an aerobic system will save you money in maintenance costs over time. [...]

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