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Septic Tank Care

A septic system filter from Laundry Alternative is specially designed to drastically reduce the amount of lint build up in your drain field. It's not commonly known, but lint is one of the main causes of septic system failure. A conventional washing machine produces enough lint each year to carpet a living room, but because [...]

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Septic System Maintenance

Keeping up with your septic tank maintenance can be a huge hassle if you lack the proper tools and preventative care. Upkeep costs for septic tanks are the main reason for spending money on these systems. This is due to the fact that they can get easily clogged with lint and other by products that [...]

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Septic Products - Filtrol 160 Septic Tank Filter

A septic system filter at Laundry Alternative like our Filtrol 160 septic protector is cleverly designed to prevent washing machine lint from clogging up your septic system. Buying a septic protector today can save you tens of thousands of dollars and lots of frustration...like backhoes digging up your yard to install an ugly mound system.Septic [...]

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Portable Washing Machines

Portable washing machines from Laundry Alternative are a fantastic way to wash small loads. If you’ve been using the laundromat or a laundry service, these products can pay for themselves in a couple of months. Plus you can wash from the comfort of your home, instead of lugging loads of laundry to the laundromat.A portable [...]

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Portable Washers

Portable washers from The Laundry Alternative are a great way to save money. Our products are more efficient than a conventional machines and use far less water. Our portable washers are designed for small loads of socks, shirts, diapers, and even pants. With our ingeniously designedportable washing machines, using an unnecessary amount of energy with [...]

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Portable Washer

A portable washer from The Laundry Alternative is the best way to do small, frequent loads of delicates, diapers and other items. Don’t waste your money, time, water and electricity doing these loads in conventional machines. While traditional washers break down more often as they get older, our portable washers have a simpler design and [...]

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Mini Washers

A mini washer from Laundry Alternative is a fantastic substitute for small, frequent loads like socks, delicates and diapers. New parents appreciate the quick washing time totaling 1-3 minutes depending on the washer they buy. Our WonderWash and Eco-Egg Mini washing machine products take up such little space, you can even store them on your [...]

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Mini Washer and Dryer

A mini washer and dryer combo from Laundry Alternative is the perfect money and energy saving way to do your frequent, small loads. While normal spin machines are rough on delicates causing them to rip and tear, they also clog themselves with lint and reduce their own longevity over time.You’ll be impressed by how amazingly [...]

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Electric Clothes Dryer

An electric clothes dryer from Laundry Alternative is a great energy and money saving way to dry your clothing. Designed for small loads like socks and diapers, up to several pairs of jeans, our dryers can save you up to 30 minutes of drying time. Our dryers remove far more water and detergent from loads [...]

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Drying Products

We believe that conventional clothes dryer technology is stuck in the past. Traditional laundry machines are essentially the same machines used since the 1950s. The alarming fact is that most dryers can’t be awarded an energy star rating, which means your energy is much higher than it should be. While conventional machines use high amounts [...]

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