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How to Remove Chocolate Stains From Clothes

How to Hook Up a Washing Machine

How to Properly Clean a Washing Machine

How to Remove Ink Stains

How to Correctly Iron Laundry

How to Build a Septic System the Right Way



About the Wonderwash Compact Clothes Washer

About The FlipFold

About High Efficiency Detergent

About Mini Clothes Washers

About 110 Volt Clothes Dryers

Apartment Sized Washer and Dryer Alternatives

About Apartment Sized Washing Machines

About Above Ground Septic Tanks

About Aerobic Septic Systems 

About Agitator Washers

About Biodegradable Detergent

About Chamber Septic Systems

About Cesspools

About Commercial Septic Systems

About Concrete Septic Tanks

About Conventional Septic System

About Drain Field Ground Water

About Drain Field Rejuvenation

About Dual Compartment Septic Tank



News - Burlington to Conduct Referendum on Sewer Expansion Proposal    

News - County Considers Mandatory Septic Tank Inspections

News - EPA Orders Closing of Cesspools



Compact Dryer Options

Preventing Fires With Clothes Dryer Safety

Finding the Right Cheap Washing Machine For You

Cheap Washer and Dryer Alternatives

Chamois Wringer Alternative

Detergent Chemistry

Where to Buy A Quality Fabric Shaver

Heat Saving Dryer Vent

Alternative Septic Systems

Use of Ammonia and Bleach

Baby-Safe Detergent Options

Septic System Maintenance

Alternatives to Using Bleach

Chlorine Tables for Septic Systems

Damaging Detergents

Are Bacteria and Viruses Lurking in Your Washing Machine? 

What's the Best Clothes Iron?

What's the Best Laundry Detergent?

What's the Best Washing Machine?

What's the Cost of a New Septic System?

What's the Cost of Pumping a Septic Tank?

Do Laundry Disks Work?

What's a Drip Septic System?

What's an Effluent Filter?

What's an Engineered Septic System?



Stain Removal Advice. The best stain removal advice on the Internet, from A to Z. 

Washing Machines: A Leading Cause of Septic System Failure. Septic system replacement costs $5-20,000 or more. Learn how you can prevent this costly problem from occurring.

News Stories Documenting Widespread Septic System Failures and Stricter Regulations.
Septic System Library: A large collection of articles on septic system design, maintenance, repair, products and much more.
Laundry Library: A large collection of articles and information on laundry topics from A-Z.
How to Prevent Clothes Dryer Fires According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are an estimated annual 15,500 fires associated with clothes dryers. 
Clothes Dryer Fires in the News
How to Prevent Washing Machine Hose Failures   According to State Farm, washing machine hose failures cause about $170 million in damage to homes in the United States and Canada each year. 

Is Your Detergent Destroying Your Washing Machine?
Home Dry Cleaning Kits. Find out what the experts have to say.
Do Laundry Disks Work? Laundry disks promise to eliminate the need for laundry detergents. This would be a great benefit, but do they really work?
What Happens to Missing Socks?
Project Laundry List. Did you know that many people are not allowed to hang out their clothes to dry in the sun? These misguided restrictions cost consumers extra money and cause unnecessary energy consumption. For more information, see http://www.laundrylist.org/Right2DryFact.html. 
Laundry Tips. A large, neatly categorized collection of laundry tips.
Are Bacteria and Viruses Lurking in Your Washing Machine?
New Laundry Product Helps Prevent Skin Cancer
Can Laundry Detergent Remove Wrinkles?
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